At the midpoint of the NBA season, as the Lakers continue spiraling into an abyss of their own making, it's time to try to avert our eyes from that multi-car pileup of a basketball team and consider some airmax 1 difficult choices.

We're not referring to which teammate, coach or front-office employee Kobe Bryant decides to incinerate first with his laser-like glare, but rather a topic far more mundane: the annual selection of the All-Star reserves.

There wasn't anything egregious in air max tn the fans' selection of the All-Star starters for next month's extravaganza in Houston: Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett for the East, and Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Dwight Howard for the West. All but one, Howard, are deserving. I'll be honest: With the logjam of talent in the West, if the fans hadn't voted Howard in, he would not have made my list of Western Conference airmax 95 reserves. It's not all his fault -- health and coaching have played significant roles -- but the addition of Howard to the Lakers has basically made them unwatchable.


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